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    Maicom MR

    Omich Hello, I found the solution to return to the previous version (0.1.1), the old version seems to work perfectly, I could not even implement my models in the game, but through the “TFMV” seem to be ok. Thank you for your attention.


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    Thank you so much for this great tool!


    I have a question: Why does the current version output “_$MergedNode_0” instead of the groups which are definately in the file?


    Bug, I’ll fix it later.



    .fbx is not supported yet. But with .3ds and .ase – it’s probably bug. Post that files, please, so I can analyze what is wrong with it.

    Since I wasn’t finished sealing the model correctly, I’ll attribute the problem with converting a .3ds file to that because it works now but it still won’t convert an ,ase file. That is no problem because using an .obj file works well. And because .3ds is such an old file type, the model doesn’t look as good as when converting from .obj. It seems a .3ds file adds smoothing to parts that had none added in max and those parts look dark as there being a conflict with the faces that have smoothing added.

    You can see what I mean in the 2 images. There is definitely a difference. If this is a problem and you still want the files, let me know and I’ll post them for you.


    As everybody is highlighting how nice this tool works and not how to use it, it may be odd to ask: Please tell me how to use this. When I open TFMC.exe, it opens a window with “Usage: TFMC.exe model”. If I hit random key on board the window closes.

    Want to add a simple “.obj” 3d model to test with the TF-files.



    I was thinking it’s self explanatory. Just type in command-line:
    “path to TFMC” “path to model”

    And if path contains spaces then you should put it in double quotes.

    For example, if you put TFMC.exe in “C:\Tools\” and you want to convert model “C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.obj”, command should looks like:
    C:\Tools\TFMC.exe “C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.obj”

    You can manual type this command in console or create bat/cmd file with that command and run it.

    So, in this example, if all goes well, it creates files C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.msh and C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.msh.blob.

    Then with this files you can replace game models or create your own game objects from scratch. Do not forget to change material property in msh file to existing and valid mtl material file.

    Also, olahaldor made video-tutorial explaining how to add new train in game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFquueJxuLM

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    @Lamo, instead of having to type all that in a command line, I just made a shortcut on my desktop for it. Then I just drag-and-drop the .obj file onto the shortcut. A lot easier than typing all that.


    @Omich, thanks for the reply. Now I get it and yes, it is self explanatory when you read every word out of those 3 very slowly and think about their meaning. Maybe it was too late for me yesterday.

    , thanks for the tip.


    I’ve been using this converter since it was made and everything seemed to be working correctly. I didn’t notice any problems until I started to work on the bridges. I back-converted the pieces of the new Steel bridge and imported them into max. I made some changes and used this converter. When using the bridge ingame, I’ve had problems with the size and orientation of the pieces. I had to rotate them 90 degrees for them to look correct but still had problems.

    I then used the converter BR146 made and didn’t have any problems. So there is a problem with this converter. I’m going to redo the vehicles I did with converter to see if there is any difference in them when I get a chance.

    Here are 2 shots I took of one of the bridge problem. I circled where the problem is when using this converter. The other shot shows how everything lines up correctly using the converter from BR146 and I didn’t have to rotate the pieces.


    If you have problems with model position and orientation, firstly try to reset transform of mesh. In 3dsmax it’s here:

    Anyway, for now my converter has many bugs, undone features and so on. And I haven’t any time (at least until week end) to work on it and support it. So, if you have any problems with it now, then I suggest to use BR146 alternative.


    Thanks Omich but I use that all the time and reset xform to be sure the model is correct. No problem tho because BR146s’ converter worked. I hope you find time to work on your stuff. Thank you for your hard work.


    Can someone post a link to the tool please. I have tried all the links in this thread and get a “Error 404” page.

    Thanks in advance.



    Sorry to bump a long post but could someone please point me in the direction for a download for this tool, as the current one is not working


    Thank you




    I’m also getting the error 404. Please can anyone update with a new link?



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