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    As the title says, I now have a town in which I can’t upgrade snuff, I can’t destroy anything, and I can’t even place a bus stop because, lo and behold, it becomes part of the ‘main connection’. Any ideas?

    Martin Mulder

    Well… there are already some other posts about this “feature”. No real solution so far. By many it is considered a bug. Programmers stay silent. If think they are working their ass of, or celebrating a vacation while we are playing… another game! 🙂


    Had a similar problem yesterday, try make sure all roads and stations in the area are connected to the “main network” of roads, it helped me at least 🙂


    @lurven: didn’t fix the problem for me, I also have an entire town suddenly part of some ‘main connection’.

    I guess there appears to be a bug in the pathfinding or something…


    This is a bug and will be fixed in the near future.  

    We’re going to improve the whole main connection issue. We have read all your concerns and are going to address most of them about this feature with one of the next patches. 




    Hi Mikael.

    Warm thank you for you message. Could i ask bit more specific info please? How it will be fixed and will it remain as a mandatory rule for all or will it be difficulty level dependant? Or just plain on / off function?

    Best regards,




    Dear Mike,

    There is a huge misunderstanding, feature should be removed now. Not improved in a future. As you could see on Steam stat page of Train Fever – huge amount of customers bought the game, they tried it on 26-29Dec but numbers went down like falling rock. All those thousands people were not satisfied.

    Its 3 weeks from connection issue patch, but a remove Hotfix is not available. it is hazardous to the Urban games business and very arrogant to the customers.

    I ask you re-think your approach. Check paradox interactive communication, check Larian studious communication.

    I understand that Gambitous has announced to release TF at summer 2015. After a their fall, Urban games managed to release the game a year sooner, that impressive. Well  The train fever game is in an “early access ” status, but you want a full price from your customers. In the process of patching development you ignore any open betas, any tests. You simply flush another version and you customer take it or leave it. That should improve.

    Well, I fully understand that there is a group of German moders who would swallow anything with a train on it. but well, there are a lot of other people. I think you should be more soft, you know City Skyline is coming.

    I wish you well to the new year. I hope you jump back on track.



    gGeorg, I think you’re being a tad more hostile than need be.

    1 – There’s a hotfix on the German modders site that essentially removes the feature from the game which can be found on http://www.train-fever.net/index.php/Thread/2230-TFPatchPlus . Use that in the meanwhile. Even if they merely improve it and you want it gone, said hotfix will remove the function for you.

    Also, let’s try to give them a bit of fair due, nearly all the western trains that can be found for TF (think ICE3, Stadler Flirt, NS Class 1600, …) can all be found there. If anything, the German love for simulators is what’s giving this game its mods (+ of course the fantastic people at transportgames.ru).

    2 – Cities: Skylines is a different game, focused on picking up where Sim City 4 left off. Thus, the focus is on city building and inter-city cooperation rather than transportation networks (with a particular attention to trains). Both games should be able to co-exist, similarly to how Cities in Motion 2 existed alongside Cities XL & Sim City [2013].

    A trailer for Cities: Skylines can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAyVbD4ndXM
    No offense meant, just adding some nuance.


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    The possibility to remove the main connections exploits the whole simulation and could happen without noticing, therefore a solution is needed to prevent the player from removing the streets between the cities.

    I agree that not everyone wants this to be maintained from the game, but for players not known to the game mechanics, it could happen to fast that an important street gets deleted without even noticing it.

    Of course in the end there’s always a way to cheat the game, but then it’s on purpose.

    We’re still listening to our fans, and try to please them with new features and better optimizations. It’s obvious that not every single complain can be handled to everyone’s satisfaction.



    Please do keep up the good work. Overall, I’d say people are still very excited about the game and eager for the USA DLC. Personally, I hope that you’ll be able to add the Acela Express and get some high speed in as well, but I’ve been enjoying the game tremendously already.

    On topic though, I think that should you be able to refine the main connection, there’ll be a solution for both sides. People that want to cheat or are just uninterested in the simulation and prefer just making pretty maps (think model railway builders for example) will be able to use the binary patch/mod to remove the system entirely, and those interested in playing the game and work with the simulation would be able to enjoy the connection system once refined.

    As far as the map that I started the thread for is concerned, I’m afraid I had to use the binary patch seeing as 4 towns were now un-modifiable, and I’m on the side of fans that just wants to lay track and watch my trains chug along, but I can see your reasoning for keeping the system in as well once it works as planned.

    Thanks for reaching out to us and giving us an update. Keep up the great work, stellar performance from a team consisting of less than 10 people, I’d say.


    I don’t agree at all with this “exploit” reason. Accidental delete maybe but hardly. See, i’m playing the game and i want to call the shots. I want to be able to delete all the roads if i want to and the rebuild them as i please. Since your simulation slows my trucks and buses to a walking speeds on the corners, upgrading the roads with current main connection issue is impossible. Most of the time there is no space and when you have it, results are all but smooth.

    In ideal world this feature is on settings menu where you can turn it on and off as you please. If i choose to turn it off i accept the possibility that i may accidentally delete something “vital”. If you are so worried about that accidental delete, then maybe have a pop up message saying similar thing like for the un connected station?


    And please please please, make that build tool to show us why there is no space to do what we want.



    How about customisable conditions for game start? Choose whether you want the feature or not as you create a new game? Even having a “creative” mode that just lets you build a model railway without worrying about money, I know some people would be interested in that feature. Personally, I can see a great potential with the main connection feature once it has been improved and is functioning correctly (obviously not at the moment). It would add extra realism to the game.


    Let post this here too:

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=365263326 Bridge not possible.

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374286491 Excellent AI road…

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374286758 Tunnel build 1

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374286890 Tunnel build 2, buggy as hell.

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374287049 Road you can delete

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374287200 Need bypass

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374287539 Tunnel bug

    As it seems that the game engine doesn’t allow hollow spaces underground, like tunnels, that leads into those tunnel end issues.

    It’s quite clear with all this kind of issues at the game that It’s far from well thought well polished game. Devs should step up and admit that it’s still an alpha at it’s best and should not have been released for at least another year. And that they didn’t plan what they set out to do well enough. Harsh, but true. I really really would like to like this game, but more you play, more you get frustrated with its shortcomings.

    Care to comment Mikael?

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