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    ich bin nun schon im Jahr 2079 bei Train Fever und so langsam wird das Spiel unspielbar, da es sehr oft ruckelt und ich nur noch mit 7-10 FPS spielen kann. Verringere ich die Auflösung auf 1920×1080 läuft es wesentlich besser, allerdings sieht dann alles verschwommen und verpixelt aus. Deshalb kommt diese Auflösung für mich nicht in Frage.

    Mein System:

    16GB Ram
    250GB SSD
    GTX 970 4 GB / R9 290X 8GB
    Windows 8.1 und selbstverständlich alle Treiber auf aktuellem Stand

    Während die GTX 970 eingebaut war, konnte ich sehen, dass die vollen 4 GB Speicher belegt waren, was mich auf die Idee gebracht hat, eine Grafikkarte mit 8 GB könnte das Problem lösen. Nachdem ich nun die R9 290X mit 8 GB eingebaut habe, musste ich feststellen, dass laut Anzeige Train Fever nur ca. 2,3 GB des Speichers nutzt. Wie kann das sein? Sind beide Grafikkarten “zu langsam” für Train Fever oder stößt das Spiel an seine Grenzen?


    GTX 970


    R9 290X

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    I don’t understand anything from your German but I think the bad performance comes from CPU and not graphics card.
    Did you tried to lower the resolution to see if it changes things?


    While I know just enough german to understand your posting, I don’t know enough to reply in it so I’m writing this in english.

    The game is known to have performance issues. We have an entire thread on it on these forums : . Unfortunatly the thread is placed in the wrong category (General discussion instead of support). To put it simple: the game engine has a design probblem where it only creates 2 threads. 1 for the foreground processing and 1 for the background stuff. When your game has advanced enough and you have a lot of tracks, roads and vehicles the second thread can’t calculate fast enough and can’t supply the first one with enough data.

    If you would like to know more about the technical side you can read this german topic on another site: . We are hoping someone from the developers will respond to these problems and we hope that this issue will be fixed in the near future.


    I don’t think the bad performance comes from CPU. On my screenshot you can see the CPU utilization is 18 %.
    A lower resolution (1920×1080) solved the problem, but this resolution isn’t nice on a 4K-Screen.


    Thanks for your informations. This problemes i have also since the mid of 21th century. So i understand that the only way to solve the problem is to wait for an update. 🙁


    I have to correct my statement. Even with a lower resolution the game run not good.

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    Performance is bad, they know it is too although they consider it to be working as expected (their words not mine)… they have also said they are going to be improving this more over time..

    I created similar threads on the performance in the past too:

    Below is a reply from Basil I received after sending a test file with a number of test scenarios to compare performance, around the time of the second thread above.

    —– quoted from email received in November——-

    Thanks very much for the detailed measurements and explanations.

    I’ve re-done the measurements here with an Intel i7-3770 CPU with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. My system should be slightly slower than yours.

    I set the same graphics settings as you and played with 1920×1200 resolution.

    Results are very similar to yours. My Fps (for your measurements 1-15) are proportional to yours. Most of them are simply 10% less than yours. So the behavior is as expected (however note that your system may be faster without Afterburner or Fraps running of course).

    This said, let me briefly explain the situation.

    You are right, the game could/should run faster, especially with multiple windows open (PIP).

    We are working on this. You can expect improvements in the near future (however not in the next days / weeks). Here is our near-future-todo-list:

    – Make PIP rendering less expensive
    – Display PIP windows more intelligent (e.g. do not show 10 windows when buying 10 buses, as you suggest)
    – Reduce CPU load (i.e. compute paths of all people / cars / agents not on the main thread / core. Use at least on more core for that. At the moment every time a person leaves a building, the shortest path to the destination is computed, and this is very expensive when having 10’000 persons)
    – Make “end of month” CPU calculations faster / less blocking

    Until then we can just suggest to not have multiple PIP windows open and to play small or medium maps if you are very “fps-sensitive”.

    Thanks again for your efforts and best wishes,

    Until then though, the game is on my digital shelf.


    Thing is, they already did a part of that. The use of a second core is already implemented (as can be seen in the thread linked to me above on ). So unless they come up with a way to make that completly multithreaded (instead of just one extra thread) we will keep seeing performance issues (and those issues will remain for people with a dual core setup).


    The use of a second core is already implemented or appears to be yes, but how they are using it is unclear. My second linked thread shows it being used across 2 cores (4 due to HT) but that reply was received after I made that post, so I assumed they meant to further optimise how its using both.

    Also, the other changes will make a huge difference during gameplay where the FPS drops drastically when doing something like buying 10 new vehicles.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what they do or don’t have up their sleeves.
    I also suggested something like:

    Add a new settings option for Civ Simulation Level.
    High: Civ’s 10,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 100% (as it is now)
    Medium: Civ’s 5,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 200%
    Low: Civs 2,500. Scale of Ticket Prices – 400%

    to reduce the load from this particular area, fudging the numbers if you like (SC style)
    The reply was:

    Thanks for sharing the idea. I understand..

    However, I think this is more a “emergency solution” which we only make if it’s really impossible to optimize.

    We are very confident that we can optimize it so that this switch is not needed.


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