Stability patch released

We’re glad to announce that another update was made available earlier today. The patch contains bug fixes, usability enhancements and resolves some Mac-specific issues.

Please note that development has recently not been running at full steam as part of the team is at Tokyo Game Show. However, you can be assured that the updates will keep coming.

The release notes can be found here.

14 thoughts on “Stability patch released

  1. So many thanks for quickly fixing the mac issues (adjustable zooming, rotating with CMD + left mouseclick, etc.)!!!
    Never seen a dev team reacting so fast to community suggestions!

    You are sooo awesome – keep the good work!

  2. Yey,

    It doesn’t contain anything that I am expecting but I guess it’s great nevertheless for some people, thanks…

  3. Considering the fact that devs are not going to drop Train Fever after release, I do enjoy this game (while waiting for more features). I’ve read post release plans,but is there an official ‘to do’ list of planned features from devs? I would like to read it!

    • Please… buy a computer with a proper (AMD / NVidia) videocard. Can’t have mobility + full blown game rig for one cent and expect it to run the latest games on the market.

      • You should read the minimal system requirements before you buy a game and then complain about it!

        • Agreed. Why does anyone expect to buy the cheapest MS-Office-and-web-browsing machine they can find, and then expect developers to somehow work miracles and get their 3D games to work on a system with almost zero 3D capability?

          Decent 3D games require a decent GPU. Don’t blame others if you insist on buying the wrong tool for the job.

  4. Also many thanks from Holland, This is what we – Apple-users needed.

    The game became already 50% faster, because a can much mor accurate zoom now.

    pity they when tiltet while the camera is moving with the trains the game even more reckless because of the more graphic details. But I think I must try and update my Videocard.
    (AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB)

  5. I am happy that the developers are taking care of the issues.

    Please keep working on performance improvements – I have noticed significant betterment recently but the game requires still some refinement.

  6. In general a nice update. Keys to zoom are very nice for me. I do have a slight problem though. It seems that I can no longer switch to Qwerty keyboard layout within the game using Ctrl + Shift + 1.

    In windows you can choose “Ctrl + [number]”, “Ctrl + Shift + [number]” or “Alt + [number]” as direct hotkey to access a keyboard layout. No other ways exist to call a specific layout directly.

    In Windows keyboard layout is per program, so I am unable to switch to Qwerty before starting Train Feaver as that would affect some other program and Train Fever would still start up with system wide default which in my case is a Dvorak variant which is not working well with the fixed hotkeys in the game.

    It do seems to be possible though to re-enable the hotkey Left Alt + shift to toggle keyboard layouts and get that work in the game. However this is a hotkey often easily triggered by accident and doesn’t work well with 3+ layouts, so that is why I tend to disable it and use number-hotkeys instead.

  7. Hi and thanks for the update 😉 But still I don’t see the Waypoints mod and Station Platform Select mod! Pleas make it! With this mods will we have a lot of real fun on this game!

    Great job and I waiting for the next update 😉

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