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    Something I haven’t seen yet in the Audio section: Add a Shuffle option and playlists to the Music Player. TTDLX had it, and with TF’s ability to add your own music tracks, this would be a nice little quality of life addition. (One of the first things I did after getting this game running was to add ogg files of the TTDLX soundtrack) Also, I’ve played many of the Transport games, and some of the true Railroad Sims of the last 25 years, and I agree with many of the suggestions here so far. I like this game so far, but I know it would be even better if a lot of these things got worked into the game in future updates.


    Hello everyone


    Ok, 3 things.
    – Suggestion

    Is it possible to add the option “zoom to cursor”?

    – Bug

    I can if I move my mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera, so far so good. This works well except the cursor comes on the menu buttons then nothing happens. Please fix this.

    – Question

    Is it possible after build a train station to add another platform to this station?



    Support for on-site station expansion in length or number of tracks.

    Also a way for different vehicles of the same line to overtake (in roads in the usual way, in tracks a special signal that allows vehicles of a line to detour if the main leg is occupied…)



    It would be nice to have  feature to allow the user to start vehicle replacement instantly.  Currently one can replace only after a certain percentage of lifespan has passed.

    Many times a line contains vehicles that have different expiry date or different date of purchase.  So it becomes difficult to replace all vehicles.


    Yes, that’s also a very necessary addition to the game, and seemingly quite simple to program…



    Some other items:

    1. Could you add more animations to industry building and not just static buildings something similar to sid meier’s railroads

    2. Day and Night cycles

    3. Season cycles.


    Not sure if this is the right thread, but I’ve found an issue that needs fixing.


    When you upgrade standard track to high speed track at a station, everything waiting at that station is removed from existence, even if it’s not waiting on the same platform. I found this to my cost just now when I upgraded the track at a freight terminal and lost over 150 items of cargo waiting there.

    Same problem happens with passenger stations too.

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    Suggestion: Cable Cars

    Hello. This is a great game and I have enjoyed it already for a long time.

    Since it is possible to have a mountain region, why not be able to create a cable car. This way we would be able to create cities for tourists.

    It is just an idea.

    Kind regards

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    Just recently purchased the game, and loving it, well my Kid loves it.

    But it’s missing many Key Features.

    Needs an option to:

    Double click on the Train Window and take you to the where the Train is on the map.

    – Have an option to Follow the Train


    There are a lot more bugs / features / descriptions needed all over the user interface, but the two missing features listed above are the most annoying when trying to find a particular train, or trying to solve a track path issue.


    I think that those two options are one and the same…  Just click on the icon on the top left corner of the train window and it will take you where the train is and follow the train…


    Does anyone know if the game will be further developed?  Fixed? Enhanced?  I see nothing here about any plans for improving it from the development team.  Do they even read there own forum?  Some of the suggestions above are awesome.


    Mikael is one of the devs, you can see him posting here from now and on, I guess, they’ll take notice of the suggestions here, since they fixated the thread ontop of the forum 😉

    [quote]It would be nice to have  feature to allow the user to start vehicle replacement instantly.[/quote]

    It is there, just send your train to depot and you can exchange the train vs. a modern one.
    That Vehicles disappear and a new one gets teleported onto the tracks is alrdy hurting the boundary of authenticity, we mustn’t exceed that further.

    My own suggestions to the devs:

    1) Real Flat maps, the “Flat” option is maybe Flat in Switzerland, but real flatland maps aren’t in the game without mods (you know without the hills and so on).

    2) X-Switches and the possibility to let a track go over two other tracks via a switch

    3) Adding of Coastal maps with Islands and the possibility to use ships to deliver cargo and passengers across the seas and rivers (The last one is a longterm goal of course)

    4) Multiplayer ( for example 4 Players = 4 Companies striving to dominate and take over the other 3 companies), AI Companies for SP, Stockmarket Exchange and maybe events which have an influence on the game world and the traffic.

    5) Bigger Maps would be nice to have, in the end on a continent scale like in Railroad Tycoon 3 but thats also a longterm goal in my opinion.

    6) Buffers at the end of tracks, either automatically or buildable.

    7) The possibility to change the route of Lines just by dragging them around.

    8) A Planning Feature for building buildings and tracks, I like that Feature very much in Prison Architect and it would help to avoid some not foreseeable “Terrain collision” errors 😉


    Needed Feature:

    – Mouse pointer should show the terrain elevation.


    Currently it’s visually impossible to gauge the terrain height without spending money to build tracks.


    I would like to have the option to have the train/bus wait at least until 1/2 full instead of completely full. Or – wait until full or until x amount of time has passed, whichever comes first.




    Needed Feature:

    – Ability to assign path per train, specially for Multi-tracks stations.

    The current AI auto pathing is rather poor, it doesn’t use the additional tracks available, it always sticks to the shortest track, even when parallel tracks are available with bypasses

    for example a 4 track rail with switches to access all 4 tracks from either direction, left to right, or right to left in a parallel setup, all the trains will only stick to the same track to the left, leaving the other 3 tracks unused, even when they all go to the same Station A to Station B with all 4 tracks connected from Station A to Station B.

    The idea is to allow switching when 1 lane is congested, it can use the other 3 lanes as a relief, but the AI doesn’t do that automatically, and if all 4 trains are running it will just get clogged up on lane 1

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