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    About spacing, this should be done by the signals (as it happens in real time), I don’t know if trains are provided with real train physics, as it happens in other sims, if not, this should be a good point to start with. However, what I wanted to say it’s that, in comparison with other old games, I find Train Fever more restrictive in some aspects… Not to talk about the lack of realism in signals, junctions and tram tracks…


    yeah, trains should be spaced by signals, but only for safety reasons, not for scheduling. if you have 4 lines sharing a piece of track its near impossible to let each line run at a set interval and that should be fixed.


    Well. since TF is not a train simulator, I don’t really see the need of fixing this, however, that could be fixed by adding a timer and activating it at each station… Oh well… if some of the developers just read the comments… 😛


    Any plans on train spacing, trains still do not spread evenly


    Hello all,


    it’s my first post but I’ve played TF several dozens of hours and I feel entitled to add a few comments and suggestions.

    In general the list compiled by LB meets my expectations. The devs will (let’s hope) decide what is important and what is not and what to include in TF or TF 2 (I would certainly buy it J.

    Few suggestions that I don’t agree:

    Different Types of Population Centre

    Doing this would certainly be more realistic but in a such small world it would certainly look like a (small) agglomeration with place only for urban transports – no intercity passenger transport and no cargo (especially rail cargo) would look realistic. Right now we can at least pretend to play with a large chunk of a country. This modification should be optional at best.

    City-owned roads (existing infrastructure)

    Demolishing it is already expensive as You have to demolish adjacent building first. Don’t see a need to change this.

     Allow X Crossings of rails

    This is an obvious must (perhaps the most important). However, a double slip switch should be optional on such crossing and only if intersection angle allows it (about 30°).

     Game to break rails into multiple segments after laying them.

    Although this would be quite useful, one can do it almost everywhere building and then deleting a switch.

    Include Wagon de-coupling and turntables

    It seems a really complex task (never seen it fully implemented in a economic rail simulation). And taking into account small distances between stations (small world) and small stations themselves. The infrastructure needed for a locomotive to be put on the other end of the train takes place and moving a locomotive would take longer than a travel between destinations. I fear that this idea is not very compatible with the whole TF philosophy.

    Vehicles to not stop if there is no one waiting

    This behavior is indeed common for real life busses but very rare for tramways and passenger trains. Should be optional for each stop rather than generalized.

    Tweak tram vs train income/expenses

    This actually quite realistic. Trams are cheaper in terms of both infrastructure and vehicles so it is not surprising that they are more profitable. For a journey of max. ~30 km quite frankly I’m not surprised. The problem is rather that the game is not to scale and obviously it cannot be…

    Same goes for trucks – it is not a surprise that they are cheaper. There is a reason why the vast majority of cargo is transported by truck in Europe.

    Heavy rail is favored by long distances and in TF long distances we don’t have…

    Construction costs increased

    I do not totally agree. Construction is only cheap when building in flat terrain. When there are serious terrain modifications it is getting quite costly. Of course some adjustments are possible. Bridges and tunnels seem too cheap, that’s true.

    On the other hand infrastructure maintenance costs are ridicously low.  For a quite large network, totally high speed and electrified, I got annual maintenance costs easily covered by a train delivering 20 x coal + 20 x iron to a steel mill…

    Fix Main Connection Issue

    I don’t think it is an issue per se. In real world You wouldn’t be allowed to demolish a trunk road without providing an alternative. It’s actually the alternative that lacks – currently the game is too strict for deciding whether a road You build can be a main connection. I also believe that this “issue” was addressed by a mod for those who want it.


    And few suggestions of my own to add to the list.

    Buildings could serve as waypoints

    As the problem with wrong route choice affects mainly trucks (trams and busses stick to closely spaced stops and trains now have waypoints) and inside cities, existing structures (buildings or intersections) could serve as waypoints.

    Allow linking tracks not adjacent and not parallel

    In order to link two tracks that are not adjacent one has to build a switch on a first track, then on the second. When two tracks are too close even this is not possible. It would be good to be able to do it in one time. This would be much easy and would look better if two track are not on the same height.

    Vehicle spacing

    Vehicle spacing could be simply addressed in adding an option in line properties window an option “do not leave the first stop if a vehicle has left it in less than xx seconds” where xx can be chosen at will. As the game knows a line frequency xx it could even be proposed automatically. The advantage is this approach is delay-resistant (if a vehicle is delayed, those following will adjust). This is realistic for cargo transport, not so much for passengers but the alternative like CiM 2 timetable has its drawbacks as well.

    Platform choosing

    Although I would prefer static pathfinding instead of dynamic one to be kept, I recognize the need for more flexibility. This could be addressed by specifying allowed platforms for a given station.

    It goes as follows : there is default track and if it is occupied occupied a train can pick another form a list. If all are occupied, the train waits. This avoids  gridlocks (as the trains would not pick any platform, only those allowed) and artificial concepts like ro-ro station.



    Here a few things that came to my attention after playing dozens of hours. I did not read everything so I hope I don’t repeat too much.

    Glitches / Fixes :
    – Laying roads over tracks “collision” (many situations where it is just not happening)
    – Upgrading crossroads (why is that not possible ?)
    – When upgrading/ demolishing roads/tracks agents disappear
    – Loco/wagons disappearing if the train is longer than the station => make the train stop at the end of the station pier
    – Fix traffic AI : collision between vehicles ; give priority to bus/trams ; optimize lane usage ; bus lane for buses only !
    – Bus able to pass another bus (if it doesn’t need to stop there let the bus use the 2nd lane and continue)

    Improvements / features :
    – Ability to make groups in the line window (i.e. organize lines per city)
    – Sync trains departure on the same line (I think this has been called train spacing)
    – Ability to replace vehicle immediately (instead of 25% age because sending train to depot disrupts too much)
    – Vehicle replacement window too small making it hard to count wagons.
    – Line window show vehicle count beyond 5 – or make window expandable.
    – Year +2000 : more choices of vehicles (like a new bus with capacity 25-30)

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by PickPay.

    After several hours / days on TF, here’s my few suggestions.

    Feel free to pick them apart!

    Cargo, Industries, and Cities:

    • Add more industries. Go all out openttd! farms, coal power stations, factories, etc. Coal power stations could start popping up at around 1900 until 2000. 
    • Make cities require way more goods. Currently, I have 1 lumber mill supplying goods to 5 towns. That’s all I need, cos all 5 towns combined only need 200 goods per year, and my lumber mill makes 200… Towns should demand whatever there population is, but in goods per year (population is 400, goods demanded should be 400 too. That way it would be too hard to supply everyone from 1 industry.
    • Roads in towns… These annoy me. Lol Would it be possible to force towns to expand their roads using ONLY the size road it will be expanding from? So if the town grows, it’ll stop building tiny roads off of the large ones!
    • Loading/unloading options, we already have full load any and all, but can we get a ‘don’t drive off empty’ , or ‘leave if another vehicle arrives’ option. Would be handy on trucks, when using full load is too slow, but the default means wasted empty trucks driving about.

    Trains and Stations

    • Ability to clone a train, that’s not already in the depot. (Openttd style)
    • Add extra platforms to stations, much like in trains and trucks tycoon.
    • By default, build signals one way, or have option to pick yourself.


    • Confirm dialogue on deletion of line or sale of all vehicles on a line. These can be hit by accident especially during the end of month pause, or end of year save.
    • Notice about vehicles being stuck/blocked. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, all of your trains will attempt to park at the same terminal station, on the same line, and then just sit there.
    • Bug: some windows open entirely off screen.
    • Bug: in lines window, selecting show trucks only, still shows trains.
    • Bug? New vehicles assigned to a line, seem to start at the last stop on the list, instead of the first.
    • Bug: some road upgrades will give you the ‘not enough space’ error, even when out in the open, on a straight peice of road.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

    Alot of the other stuff has been said already.

    Keep up the awesome work!


    translation using


    In the game there is a disruptive error in road transport

    Here you have printscreen of the game:


    vehicles are blocking the truck station, despite the fact that there are two stations next to each other and theoretically truck should go to separate (red and green line).

    To sum up, all they flock to one station, even though the chapter, and the truck should be set up from the last place of unloading and not from the first unloading.


    I might add that after the latest patch 6219 even worse, earlier truck miraculously transformed, for example. of coal in goods and by re leaving cargo in the city, now the need for a separate truck in którum when you select “full load” blocks all


    I hope so much that you have understood and quickly someone do something about it because you can not play cars.


    Tweak tram vs train income/expenses

    This actually quite realistic. Trams are cheaper in terms of both infrastructure and vehicles so it is not surprising that they are more profitable. For a journey of max. ~30 km quite frankly I’m not surprised. The problem is rather that the game is not to scale and obviously it cannot be…

    Same goes for trucks – it is not a surprise that they are cheaper. There is a reason why the vast majority of cargo is transported by truck in Europe.

    Heavy rail is favored by long distances and in TF long distances we don’t have…

    Totaly agree with you, this is absolutely realistic. You cannot have profitable real train line connecting two villages nearby with distance around 10km and real population below 10 000. Trains are for long distances, so either a line should go through multiple cities or the passanger traffic should be big. So there is no problem with revenue/expenses balance here. There is a problem with city sizes and growth rate though, so it boils down to the following suggestion mentioned in the head:

    • Faster city growth
      Surrounding towns should eventually merge together to form a metropolis.
    • Map Generation – Population centre’s should be split into “Cities”, “Towns”, and “Villages”. A small map should consist of about 1 city, 3 towns, and 5-8 villages, with larger maps multiples there of. Each should act like they would in real life, eg villages are 95% houses, while cities have much larger retail areas. Raw resources should spawn in or near a village, while manufactories spawn in or near towns, just as you would expect in real life.

    I have a few more ideas!

    Keep up devs. Lol



    • Either add pre-signals, like in openTTD, so trains can select a better route. But, I do understand that selecting an empty platform is not what is supposed to happen, I hate it when trains change platforms in real life!
    • Or, have the ability to set up multiple routes for a given line, if one is blocked. Maybe when adding a waypoints to a line, you can add a option to link 2 waypoint together, and give it the option to find faster route. (Example being, train 1 is approaching station A, but isn’t stopping, and going to station B, but station As platform is blocked. When it hits the waypoint which is before station A, it’ll switch tracks to a clear platform, and continue, but only if it can still reach the waypoint at the other side. So it doesn’t go off down a track its not supposed to.
    • Give stations the ability to snap to the end of the current track. This would be handy until a decent option is available to upgrade stations. So if I had a 2 track 320m station, but I decided I needed 4 tracks, I can pause the game, delete the station, and instantly drop in a new one, and it’ll fit itself between the old tracks. (Assuming no collisions with roads or other tracks occur)
    • Despite what everyone is saying, I managed to get a cargo train to be too long for a 320m station! So can we have even longer stations please? (And yes, it was full! 28 cars of coal!)

    Other stuff

    • Said alot, but larger maps!
    • More map options, such has more detailed choice or terrain, like from very flat, to mountainous.
    • Not just rivers, but canyons, and plateaus!
    • More choice on industry and cities being placed. Sometimes there’s just too many, too close together, or nothing for miles.
    • 20 minute rule removed for cargo, except for cargo that ‘walks’ (it’ll only walk if its close)
    • Add farms and food requirements to cities (and water?)
    • Ability to upgrade tracks either by line, or anything connected to this point you click (so if all track is inter connected, it’ll do your whole network!), including signals and crossings.
    • Ability to pause your line or something while you upgrade a train or station, so those industries don’t stop production.

    That’s it again!



    I’m sorry but I speak almost no English. (translated by Google translation)

    Peux être désactiver, le défilement des coûts en maintenance des véhicules ? Quand on a + de 100 véhicule, plein de pop up (le coût de la maintenance) ralentisse le jeux.




    I have some suggestions wen you are introducing the x crossing could you also create the plausibility of making it a double/outside slip.

    also a tree way switch would be cool.

    also the plausibility of connecting tram and standard rail would be awesome i can give multiple plausibility of hybrid vehicles.

    as a addition of the future there could be ertms track added vehicle must be ready fore these track or the track must be brought back to level 3 by placing signals.

    If introducing harbors could there be a train yard with with a hill for sorting the wagons. This would need tho bring a new mechanism that allows the station dictating the cargo instead of the trains.


    Silver Shadow

    hey my suggestions are

    new large sunken platformed stations like birmingham new street (uk) which has the station building at ground level over top of platforms below ground level.

    new large terminus stations like london waterloo (uk).

    ability to create junctions like these –

    and finally the ability to cross tracks like this –



    I would like to see a possibility, to build Tracks on a Wall, like here:

    This would make it much easier to build tracks in urban areas. When this would be implemented, I would like to see, that the game instead of RR crossings make a bridge over the street. The possibility to buold the tracks on a wall should be choosable like the type of RR crossing or like a bridge. I also would like it, if the game could show me, when I’m in the right high to cross another Railway or when I have to switch from going up to straight to have the perfect high for a bridge over another track.




    and to make dive-unders more compact with straight walls and a square entrance like this:

    and to make bridge pillars like these.

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