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    So who put the sticky note. I was surprised to see that one of my suggestion was also listed there.




    “However, they are similar enough to be of interest to the average Train Fever player”

    That’s the biggest bullshit i’ve read this week. And i read a lot. Congrats.


    Isidro: Tunnels come on the next content update. Yesterdays patch already added changing 2 way streets to one way streets, and ability to change the direction of one way street with right mouse click.

    Mods are easily available from steam workshop, which should have been the case and hopefully one day will be for TF as well. But, if some mods are correcting things or adding features, it doesn’t mean it was wrong in the first place. And while mods in TF is basicly new vehicles and minor graphical issues, on CS they can be new functions like one mod adds possibility to ovesample resolution and improve anti aliasing, or the other adds possibility to select colour for each mass transit line. A function, what has been on the wishlist of many users for TF for a long time. It’s just that the level where CS is, is not perfect but it’s at least a believable release product. And not a beta like TF is now after many patches with the load of bugs still in it. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it should have been early access rather than full price product. And even all that is borderlining the main point, how devs keep contact with their customers. It doesn’t take more than couple of hours a week to do that, and it is something what you kind of have to do when you decide to go for doing things for business.

    Azrael: Like Larry.kubiak said, you are completely missing the point and hence it is pointless to continue any sort of discussion with you. Adn you can’t say EA is crap on publicity since you haven’t done that kind of PR work by yourself. That is of course, according to your logic, not mine.



    Personnally, I don’t complain about the price I’ve paid for Train Fever. If I remember well, I’ve paid 19.99€, which is quite reasonable enough given all the work that has already been done by UG to develop the game and the number of hours I’ve spent on TF.

    I’ve paid marginally more for CS (27€), but I consider that both games give very good value for the money spent, especially compared with the crapy 70€ AAA blockbusters that big companies (EA, Ubisoft, …) are releasing nowadays.

    I don’t regret any Euro cent I’ve spent on TF 😉



    You misinterpret some thing when I look at your post after mine.

    Rail crossings, you mean the one rails over streets? It works for me, what I haven’t checked is streets over rails but then this is a missing feature, not a bug.
    Terrain alignement, I don’t know, what you encountered which you consider buggy, I got rarely a situation, where I have to say out loud “Wtf, this is a bug.”
    20 mn rule is not a bug, it’s a feature to pose a challenge. If you want to implement the competition of individual traffic vs mass transit, you got to do it by some measurement and the fact, that people usually tend to live near their workplace, shopping place and so on, this is a good measurement at it’s core principle.
    Sure, you could change that like increasing ot to 30 or 40 minutes or even an hour or add it as option for a custom difficulty grade, but at it’s core, it’s good and a part of the game, not a “gamebreaking bug”.
    The map editor is a feature that many people wish for, but not a gamebreaking bug and it is clear, they had to fix more important issues like gamecrashes and so on.

    I won’t discuss with you any further because you’re just too stupid to get my message so I write it one last time clearly out and then, seriously, gtfo.

    I talk about the state of the product, you talk about your perception of the product, which is bullshit, that comes clear, when all guys here read what you write, I think you just wanna spread hate and troll so I stop feeding the troll.

    And I have done PR work myself and you have done PR work yourself, our whole lives consist out of PR work.
    Everybody lies now and then, if people buy your lies, you did good PR work.

    But to come away from the philosophy back to the practical, what you perceive as PR work, I did it also, I’m politically active and I made press statements, so I know do’s and don’ts.

    And as a conclusion out of this knowledge, a Do, I stop feeding the troll now.


    Rail crossings counts for several issues : – not being able to update a road type when it’s crossing a train line (and not being able to destroy/rebuild the same road even when the game is paused because of the f**ing Main Connection limitation) … it might be a missing feature, not a bug, but it’s really a stupid one for this kind of games. The whole point of the game is to build train lines and roads ! We should not be limited in our creativity by such technical limitations !

    – not being able to lay a road over a train line (same comment than above … it’s really stupid not to have this feature in such a game)

    – not being able to have rail/rail crossings


    Terrain alignment : how many times have I been blocked while trying to complete my train line, because the game is not able to level the terrain, even in the middle of nowhere ? how many times have I been blocked while trying to update a road type/train line type because of a small terrain misalignment ? how many times have I lost millions of bucks trying to build a f***ink tunnel/bridge ? (I’m not even talking about double bridges/tunnels)

    And how many times have I been blocked while electrifying an existing train line because of 1 tiny small pixel of line not being electrified automatically. If the update tool is not able to electrify 100% of a line, we should get a least a warning to show us :

    a) when the electrification is not complete

    b) where the missing part is located


    20mn rule : I agree with you, this is part of the game core.

    The problem is that the rule completely disrupts the goods transportation scheme, and forces users to create single lines even for passengers (in all my TF maps, I have trains running from one city to the next one … I have never been able to set up a profitable train line with one train stopping at several stations).


    These are all small issues taken individually, but once you start piling them up, it really starts to spoil the fun you have in this game.

    I’m not saying that CS does not have flaws that I might discover over time. But at least CS doesn’t have this type of issues, which makes the game much more fun to use than TF. You don’t spend half an hour trying to build something, to discover at the end that you are blocked because of a Main Connection limitation or a problem of terrain alignment.


    I have trains running from one city to the next one … I have never been able to set up a profitable train line with one train stopping at several stations

    Most of your criticism I can understand, but this one surprises me.  I always build my train lines with 3-9 stations on them, and have had no problem making large amounts of money with them, even post-1950.  4 minute frequencies or better, and I’ve even seen people make transfers between trains (and of course to local transit).  I’m not sure why you’re not making money doing the same, but I’m quite sure it isn’t because of the 20 minute rule.

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by rodricostak.

    Maybe it’s something that I’ll need to test further the next time I’ll play.

    But the issue with goods transportation remains : the 20 minutes rule is the complete opposite on how real world works. You should be able to set up long merchandise rail lines and earn more money if you bring the goods to the other side of the map quickly.

    At the moment, the game gives the feeling that everything is local : people traveling only locally, or jumping out of the train … goods delivered automatically to local cities with zero demand in other cities. This is nice, except that the purpose of a train tycoon game is to transport people and goods over long distances. Otherwise, you end up with Bicycle Fever or Pedestrian Fever 😀


    That’s true.  I once set up a train line with 15 goods cars going all the way across the map.  It always lost something like $1.5 million and the only reason I even kept it around was becasue I liked seeing it go by.   It would be nice to see the 20 minute rule go away for freight, and perhaps have it start at a higher number and reduce over time for pedestrians, so that in the early years when trains are too slow to cross a large map within 20 minutes people don’t just travel to only nearby cities.


    Removing the 20 minute rule for freight would mean a huge makeover the industrial part, that is work for atleast an expansion or even TF 2, but I know, what you mean, it feels akward to see factories in the middle of nowhere producing nothing, because the matching industries are outside the 20 minute radius.
    They should always produce and deliver their good to the nearest customer, no matter how far they have to go.
    Then your job is only to decrease the travel time of the goods by delivering them with your faster trains and trucks.

    Yes things like non upgradeable roads when they cross raillines aren’t good, but I’m sure, they’ll change this eventually.

    I never had terrain issues when building over a flat piece of land, I only have this sometimes when I build double/multitrack tunnels or bridges and the game gives out “terrain collision” or when I try to build out of a high elevated station. But most of the times, I find the issue and can solve it, it isn’t very obvious in the most cases, you need experience with the game for that, but I agree, this could be improved and more intuitive.

    But I can’t confirm your problems with passenger train lines. All my lines have more than one station, in my actual game, my minimum is 3 stations with my second passenger line but those towns have a very long distance between them so in track length, it equals my first, some kilometers away parallely running, train line.
    All of them make a profit.
    So there must be a problem with your line management, maybe you use too less trains so you only attract a little number of passengers or you use too many trains and most of them drive near empty thus making debt.


    When searching for a reason why City Skylines is so smooth to play but TF is like jumping between land-mines is … the devs aproach.

    TF devs are able to bring a feature who noone wants,  poorly implement and say – Becouse you are cheaters we are giving you main connection rule.

    CS devs made sand box righ in the menu. Do you want left or right side riding? Just one click.

    You have an idea to move train station a block away so you connect Highway to bigger roundabout? In TF you are guaranteed to get TONS of error messages, and spend tons of your time to overcome unfriendly tools just to lay a few meters of tracks.  CS gets tools make it fun to redisine half of a city, just few click and thats it. The new layout makes traffic jam even worst, well you get refund for track so you could redo in a sec.

    TF devs simply ignoring the fact, that it is the game. Design and all tools given to player must be easy to use. TF devs are great mathematicians and achieved impressive academic titles but do not have a sense for gamers. More over, if people are teling what is important they are incredible stubborn and ignore it all.

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    @Azrael: maybe the 20′ rule should be relaxed: travel time can be important for passengers or certain kinds of goods: not refrigerated milk or meat or the like.  But it is certainly unimportant for coal.

    Question apart is how to encourage the purchase of faster trains or even why slower ones should be made unavailable…



    TF devs are able to bring a feature who noone wants,  poorly implement and say – Becouse you are cheaters we are giving you main connection rule.


    I agree to this point. Main connection feature (or curse) is just destroying the game for me, specially because the construction part of the game is poor.  There could be other consequences implemented for removing the main connection like shrinking cities rapidly.



    PDS didn’t develop Skylines, Colossal Order are the developers, Paradox simply publish the game.


    @isidoro: TF should use a system like simutrans (and maybe TTD?) where you get a bonus for delivering quickly/penalty for delivering slowly (in that case based on average speed I think, but maybe absolute time would be better) and it drops off faster for perishable items and passengers than it does for things like coal and iron. If the time constraints got progressively harsher as the years went on then obsolete vehicles would be undesirable later on.

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