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    i’m really enjoying this game, thanks for all the work you’ve put in! but please make the speed of time optional when making a new map. i would prefer 1/10 th of the current speed for the following reasons:

    – running a large map with multiple lines it currently gets very stressfull if you want to keep an eye on how things are working out

    – with the time running as fast as it is, earnings vary wildly from year to year especially on freight lines. thus we can hardly judge whether a line is working well or not.

    – replacing engines can take so long, that a line will loose money for years past

    – replacement becomes necessary way too often, with many lines you will at some time end up spending allmost all your time just on replacing vehicles

    – if we are just trying to enjoy what we have build by following a train around the line too many years go past.

    so please give us the option of slowing things down a bit. options could be 10%, 50% and 100% of the current speed.


    Yep. Thats something i would like extremly!

    #like +1


    You know, that you can pause the game right?


    They’re referring to the date/time speed compared to the income – Not that the game is “too fast” for them to keep up.

    A day at a time rather than a month – That sort of time shift.


    Of course you can pause, but that means everything stops moving.  The OP’s point is that everything should move at the same speed it currently does, but days should pass less quickly, so a year takes longer, and each train fits in more journeys in the same span of time.

    As the economy is fairly finely balanced around the current speeds, I think this could work if you not only doubled the length of days, but correspondingly halved the revenues, running costs, maintenance costs, etc, so that at the end of a year, everything had completed twice the number of journeys, but had made/lost the same relative amount of money in the process.

    It could then do with an 8x time speedup option, so that you can accelerate time to the same degree as before.

    Maybe go a step further, and have an option to quarter everything, have 4x longer years, and have an additional 16x speedup option.

    The problem with the speedup stuff is that it could push the game beyond what most people’s CPU’s can handle… but then again, this would all only be an optional choice when you start a new game.  It could be labelled “requires a powerful CPU to use faster time speedup”.


    I agree.

    The speed the timeline should be reduced or should be able to select. A Train shouldn’t take a year to get from A to B. :D:D


    i don’t even think that costs and revenue needs to be adjusted that much. all the flow of time accounts for is availability of trains and stuff really. gameplay isn’t really affected by that, except for the cost due to ageing of trains.


    +1 from me for this time feature




    Relative to the time it takes things to travel the calendar goes by way too fast for me.


    “i don’t even think that costs and revenue needs to be adjusted that much. all the flow of time accounts for is availability of trains and stuff really. gameplay isn’t really affected by that, except for the cost due to ageing of trains.”

    The problem with that is, you’ll just end up making the same amount of money in half the time, so it would ultimately be like a cheat that doubled all your income.

    It wouldn’t need to be that complex… everything would just need to be scaled by that same factor, whether it was expenses or income, and it should ultimately balance out.  In fact it should be more noticably balanced, because you would have less jittery annual accounts, as the overall income and outgoings would smooth out over time.


    I agree, would like to see such a feature as well.


    +1 can be a tad unrealistic / annoying. But it also could be a game balance thing that just needs more fine tuning. Either way, I wouldn’t complain of one such feature 😉




    I totally agree with this, I’d love the game time to run/pass by much more slowly too, at the current speed I don’t feel able to enjoy all aspects of the game because I’m too busy rushing to do things to fit them in to the time scale.


    Yes Time is WAY to fast, please change it, it kills the whole game.

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