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    i also agree with that, its way to fast to enjoy the old times


    We need an extra far slower speed for all these reasons:

    • To enable us to replace all the trains on a line without going bankrupt.
    • To have the time to properly space trains on a line without serious loss of revenue.
    • To have the time to enjoy watching our trains and other vehicles operating.  It’s sad sad that we have no time to take a break and just watch our lines in operation.

    Even if the base game is left as-is but the ability for it to be modified would be good, imho.


    For a game that was heralded as modable, there are way too many key things which can’t be changed. Towns only accepting “goods”, time, and some other stuff.

    My suggestion for time:

    Have a slider, 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 whatever. Let’s say 1 is the speed now. 1 day, one second, or whatever it is. 2 is 1 day 2 seconds, 3 is 1 day 3 seconds, etc. At the same time, you need to adjust the loan payment (keep having maintenance come off at the same interval every few seconds (not based on days) so your time could go as fast as it is now, or as slow as 10x this would allow player adjustment, and have everything else continue at pace and increase loan payment as needed to balance out time.  Done. Very simple fix that would let people play as they want.





    Yeah, they’d really have to re-balance the game for each game speed setting. Some people probably like the current setting, so having an adjustable slider in game would make the vehicles zoom around too fast on the current speed. You’d have to choose the game speed on a new game only, and then use the fast forward options to speed it up while in a game. So for a marathon setting (could be 1 day per minute or two), your trains would appear to travel at the same speed as a quick game (current speed) on the normal play speed. The only differences being the time a day takes to complete, income per delivery (much less because much more frequent), frequency of new cargo/passengers appearing (could probably use a random number generator based on probability, depending on supply, which could be used for all game speeds anyway instead of just at the start of each month) and possibly expenses per month.

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    > Yeah, they’d really have to re-balance the game for each game speed setting.

    There’s not much to really balance though. A handful of figures which could all be done using percentage modifiers.


    We can delay the time/date in the game by inject an assemble under Cheat Engine.

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)
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